Hateful 8


Over at Grantland, I wrote about the new trailer for Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful 8 and a selection of other westerns that might be related to it and/or wedge John Carpenter into yet another thing I wrote. Check it out!

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Travis Bickle On the Riviera #87


Hey you, person on tumblr, there’s a new episode of the only movie podcast game in town, Travis Bickle on the Riviera. This week, for episode #87, Morgan Jeske and Tucker Stone are here to talk about: Armored, Miami Vice, Walter Hill’s Trespass, The Immigrant, and Blue Ruin. Sean Witzke isn’t on this one, so you have all the more reason to listen!  Check it out, the rest of your life depends on it!

You can download episodes directly from itunes and rss. You can follow the show on twittertumblr, and facebook.

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Travis Bickle on the Riviera #86


Hey you with the face staring at the screen, there’s a brand new Travis Bickle on the Riviera, a movie podcast for movie podcast people. This week Tucker Stone and Sean Witzke discuss the new Planet of the Apesmovie, the new Purge, the plane scene in Delta Force, the elevator scene in Maximum Risk, and the cloud in Green Lantern. Check it out y’all. 

You can download episodes directly from itunes and rss. You can follow the show on twittertumblr, and facebook.

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Travis Bickle on the Riviera #85


Over at TFO, there is a new episode of the only movie podcast in the world, Travis Bickle on the Riviera. This week, four men discuss all nine seasons of 24, their names are Tucker Stone, Sean Witzke, Morgan Jeske, and David Brothers. They are here to talk to you about Jack Bauer. On a day where dozens of people will try to convince you that a movie with a raccoon is “their Star Wars”, please appreciate how vital this is. CHECK IT OUT

(No one has ever described anything other than Alien as “my Alien”, btw. Alien is eternal.)

You can download episodes directly from itunes and rss. You can follow the show on twittertumblr, and facebook.

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Public Catalog of Shame: Movies Watched in July 2014

Public Catalog of Shame: Movies Watched July 2014

NOTES: July sucked. Elaborating on that would just be whining.

I am trying to change up how I do things. I switched back to writing in a notebook instead of just working on the computer. And between going back toScanners and rereading some comics — I guess I’m trying to spend some time with/fall back in love with some of the stuff I consider important. I don’t know how that’s going. Maybe time to go back to the well on the key texts. I have some movies (Terminator being the big example), that I try not to watch for years. I want to keep some things special. Which is also why I only allow my husband to have anal sex with me on christmas eve.


  1. The Ninth Gate (1999), dir. Roman Polanski
  2. Four Times That Night (1972), dir. Mario Bava
  3. Eating Raoul (1982), dir. Paul Bartel
  4. Night of the Comet (1985), dir. Thomas Eberhardt
  5. Subway (1985), dir. Luc Besson
  6. The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie (1972), dir. Luis Bunuel
  7. Touch of Sin (2013), dir. Jia Zhangke
  8. Nikita (1990), dir. Luc Besson
  9. Le Dernier Combat (1983), dir. Luc Besson
  10. Transformers 4: Age of Extinction (2014), dir. Michael Bay
  11. Scanners (1981), dir. David Cronenberg – All time favorite, top 5 dead or alive status.
  12. Scanners (1981), dir. David Cronenberg (2)
  13. Angel Heart (1987), dir. Alan Parker
  14. The Island (2005), dir. BAY
  15. Young Man With a Horn (1950), dir. Michael Curtiz
  16. In Hell (2003), dir. Ringo Lam
  17. Maximum Risk (1996), dir. Ringo Lam
  18. Autoerotic (2011), dir. Joe Swanberg & Adam Wingard
  19. The Italian Job (1969), dir. Peter Collinson
  20. Army of Shadows (1969), dir. Jean Pierre Melville
  21. Escape Plan (2013), dir. Mikael Halfstrom
  22. Undisputed (2002), dir. Walter Hill


  • Terminator Vault by Ian Nathan
  • King City by Brandon Graham
  • Intron Depot 1 by Masamune Shirow
  • Slan by A.E.Van Vogt (still reading)
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Public Catalog of Shame: Movies Watched June 2014

NOTES: For the second half of this month I think I was just trying to get some distance on only watching horror movies, and only watching Italian horror movies, because I felt like I was losing some perspective and only sticking with the 5 Italian gore directors instead of getting the whole picture. Also it’s way easier to asses these things by director and you will never see the whole thing that way. Genres and movements and time periods are too easy to define by their key players, and I know in my head that’s a thing I’ll do without thinking about it and I need to check myself. On the flip side of that, seeing the wider culture/movement/etc around a single artist is a great way to see them as not just a single trajectory but an active participant. You want to learn a lot about a director, read an interview with a peer from the time period that hates his fucking guts. That’s where the sauce is.

That said, I found a stellar one of those movies early on, with Lust of the Vampire. Freda and Bava essentially founding a european horror in film tradition. That film led to me finding out that Mussolini had banned horror films, and it was Italy’s first sound horror film, being released contemporaneously withGodzilla and Invasion of the Body Snatchers. All three films are truly 20th century horror films, but Freda & Bava were taking graphic surgeries, gothic spaces, funereal pageantry, stark realistic bodies, & stalk and slash sequences as a unified form. Here are the hallmarks heading forward, here is the gorgeous and the trashy, the technically marvelous with the obviously fake. The differences between this film and what Georges Franju would do would be doing just a few years later are almost negligible, and at the same time here is the birth of Bava’s aesthetic, influencing everyone, from Fellini on down. Of course, it’s not a movie that sticks, or that it’s the lodestone, or that there wasn’t a massive lineage of european horror predating this one film… but, it is all there to be expanded on, and is in immediately traceable ways.

Other than that – lots of Bava, some Polanski I hadn’t seen/seen in forever (Polanski is a huge piece of shit but he’s probably the best director alive), some great new movies in the theater with your friends and mine Tom Cruise and Guy Pearce, and the awesome Michele Soavi single set slasher jam Stage Fright Aquarius.

Finally: a lot less movies this month, but I’ve been pretty busy obsessively cleaning my bathroom and picking fights with elderly people in public.



  1. Caltiki The Immortal Monster (1959), dir. Riccardo Freda & Mario Bava
  2. Lust of the Vampire (1956), dir. Riccardo Freda & Mario Bava – Always cool to stumble onto a core text.
  3. Return To Paradise (1998), dir. Joseph Ruben
  4. Diabolik (1968), dir. Mario Bava
  5. Planet of the Vampires (1965), dir. Mario Bava
  6. The Whip and the Body (1963), dir. Mario Bava
  7. Hatchet For Honeymoon (1970), dir. Mario Bava
  8. Five Dolls For An August Moon (1970), dir. Mario Bava
  9. Twitch of the Death Nerve (1971), dir. Mario Bava
  10. The Suspicious Death of a Minor (1975), dir. Sergio Martino
  11. Stage Fright Aquarius (1987), dir. Michele Soavi – I loved this movie.
  12. Baron Blood (1972), dir. Mario Bava
  13. The Young Ones season 1 & 2 – Hands up who likes me? OH VERY FUNNY.
  14. The Cat People (1942), dir. Jacques Tourner
  15. Halloween 2 (1981), dir. Rick Rosenthal (w/ extensive John Carpenter reshoots)
  16. The Hunt For Red October (1990), dir. John McTiernan
  17. Eyes Without A Face (1959), dir. Georges Franju
  18. Edge of Tomorrow (2014), dir. Doug Liman
  19. Frantic (1988), dir. Roman Polanski
  20. The Fearless Vampire Killers / Dance of the Vampires (1967), dir. Roman Polanski
  21. Judge Dredd (1995), dir. Danny Cannon
  22. Bad Grampa .5 (2014), dir. Jeff Tremaine
  23. The Rover (2014), dir. David Michod
  24. Little Murders (1971), dir. Alan Arkin
  25. Louie season 4 (2014), dir. Louis CK
  26. The Magnificent Seven (1960), dir. John Sturges – Don’t act like it ain’t great.
  27. Vampyr (1932), dir. Carl Th. Dreyer
  28. The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976), dir. Clint Eastwood
  29. Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy (2010), dir. Daniel Farrands & Andrew Kasch

Books – now there are books, not just movie books, why I don’t know I’m not 100% clear on why these are here.

  1. The Making of Judge Dredd (1995) by Jane Killick, David Chute, & Charles M. Lippincott
  2. “In the Penal Colony” by Franz Kafka
  3. The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester
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Travis Bickle on the Riviera #84


Hey all you spine transportation systems, there’s a new episode of the only movie podcast in the world: Travis Bickle On the Riviera. This week things have finally caught up to Sean and he is brought in for a Peer Review Session with Chris “The Hatchet” Mautner. The Factual Opinion board of trustees have asked Chris to fire his ass on air so he won’t make a scene. There is a mock podcast recording in the process, where Sean and Chris discuss Scanners, Angel Heart, The Island, Les Diaboliques, Foreign Correspondent, and The Ninth Gate. Will the podcast survive? Yep. Will Sean be back next week? Oh, he died. CHECK IT OUT IN MEMORIAM

You can download episodes directly from itunes and rss. You can follow the show on twittertumblr, and facebook.

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