This site hasn’t been very active lately, but it isn’t dead. I did , and I still do, feel that the piece on Moebius is the a really good demarcation point  for writing about comics. Most of what I love about the artform is related to Moebius’ science fiction comics, . But I’ve been writing a lot these past three months, the biggest thing being a series on slasher movies for The Factual Opinion. The four-part series is here – Part One - Part Two - Part ThreePart Four – and it’s written in the order I watched them in. The final section includes some movies I really wanted to discuss in depth/at length. I decided on watching slashers because 1) I really hated Cabin In The Woods and wanted to write about the genre that movie misunderstood so badly, 2) because I had written that thing about Cabin in the Woods but I really didn’t know much about Slashers as a genre beyond a few classics, and 3) I really wanted to get into some heavy structure stuff after getting obsessed with the Dan Harmon version of the Hero’s Journey (his version makes the most sense to me, probably because he uses Die Hard as his primary example), and slashers movies are nothing but structure.

As a genre, they have a really interesting set of movies that comprise its DNA – there is a lot of pacing that comes from John Carpenter, who is this incredibly idiosyncratic director because of the amount of control he has on a large part of his work in writing/directing/scoring/editing. Halloween is massively influential, but it’s also the only real entry Carpenter made in the genre, he defined it and moved on. There’s a sense of approach that comes right from Hitchcock and Psycho, moving from thriller to something more graphic and more sexually charged. The push from gore came a lot of Italian Gialli, and the sense that Romero, Hooper, and Craven really allowed a sea change for complexity of content in horror movies. The best movies aren’t necessarily the ones that started the deluge, there are a bunch of great movies that just came out in the copycat period. I really love a few of these films, and even the bad ones were interesting to watch in the context of the project. So anyway – slasher flicks, I watch 83 of them, Tucker Stone was kind enough to host my cry for help at his fantastic site. Check it out.

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