DUET PARTS 7, 8, 9, and 10.

I didn’t want to move the Tony Scott tribute from the top of the page for a while, so I’ve been a little lax in posting links to the continuing series of posts I’ve been doing with Matt Seneca on the comic Solo over at Comics Alliance. Read them all here.

So what is currently up – part 7 on Michael Allred, one of the most enjoyable comics in the entire series, and one of the rare articles where I say I unabashedly love the work being discussed. Because I do, I love everything Mike Allred does, he’s one of the greats.

Part 8, on Teddy Kristiansen. Featuring guest blogger Joe McCulloch, and he totally elevates what Matt and I are doing to a higher, smarter level just being there.

Part 9, on Scott Hampton. This comic is awful, awful shit, and that section where I talk about a grown ass man who starts off a comic meant to be an artistic statement with a note saying he’s obsessed with a Green Day album originally went on for about 800 words before less overkill focused heads prevailed. It touched on how no one who got their leg blown off in Fallujah was ever helped by a Green Day half-ass musical but it bought another grown ass man who calls himself Tre Cool a third beach house. AND it featured a link to this video. BROADWAY. Green Day, they are almost as bad as Scott Hampton’s issue of Solo.

Part 10, on Damion Scott. Which is one of the most artistically daring comics ever put out by a mainstream comic publisher, even if it’s not the most successful comic. We’re pretty sure the reaction to this one was what got the series cancelled, which is a shame.

Only two of these left to go, my favorite issue of the series and Matt’s, which are Sergio Aragones and Brendan McCarthy’s issues respectively. I’m not quite sure what the response to these are, but a couple of the creators involved have seemed to respond well, but I like that Matt and I have been able to tackle a largely un-discussed and (we think) significant work on a big public forum like this. While I think we’ve mentioned this in the first, and definitely the last sections of the series, I’d like to re-iterate: these are DC comics that aren’t from too long ago, where the people who made them were the only focus. And it failed, and so we ended up here. It’s worth noting how Solo was and wasn’t successful as a comic, as a showcase for the people who made it, and how absolutely none of these comics were purely “Solo” to begin with. But when they were great, they were great, and a few of these issues have made a lasting impact. I’d like it if the whole series had a little more of an impact, so did Matt, and that’s why we did this. I might write something more when the series is done, but this is probably the best place to say it -huge  thanks to Andy Khouri for helping us get this on CA and out into the world.

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